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North Bay International Studies Project
Providing Professional Development for K-12 Teachers since 1988.

NBISP is a grant-funded, statewide subject-matter project that provides pedagogical and curriculum resources in history/social science and international studies to the K- 16 educational community. We are part of the Sonoma State University School of Social Sciences and one of the seven sites of the California International Studies Project (CISP).

For more about us, please visit our about page.

Common Core Standards

The California Common Core State Standards for English–Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects define what it means to be a literate person in the 21st century. Students who master the standards will be fluent readers, critical thinkers, informative writers, effective speakers, and engaged listeners. They also will use technology as a source of information and a means of communication.


Primary Documents: identifying Resources and how to deconstruct primary documents your students.

Reading Skills in History: text analysis (reading skills) -revisit how to implement useful reading strategies of history text.

ELL: addressing the needs of English learners in relation to the Common Core Standards.

Using Technology to Support Writing: using online forums, writing daily for class, and other strategies.

Beyond the Textbook: identifying and integrating multiple perspectives.

Using Literature in History: strategies for English language learners.

Useful link: Wiki Primary Documents