Staff Appreciation Day Wrap-Up

Another Staff Appreciation Day has come and gone, and Employee Services would like to extend their thanks to everyone that contributed to the success of the day. This year, event photos have been placed on Shutterfly, where everyone can view them and even order the print online.

2010-11 Staff Excellence Award Recipients

Staff Excellence Awards went to Paul Cotter from the University Library, and Laurel Holmstrom-Vega from the Office of the Provost. Visit the Excellence Awards website for additional information about these remarkable employees.

On display in the Employee Services/CMS department (located on the second floor of Salazar Hall) are the 2009/2010 Applause Award recipients, as well as the Excellence Award nominees. Stop by anytime through the month of July to have a second look or to see them for the first time.

And, from Employee Services, thank you once again to all who participated!

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