Winners Chosen for Cross Disciplinary Course Competition

Thumbnail image for winners.jpgTwo sets of courses have been chosen as the winners of the first Cross Disciplinary Course Competition in the School of Social Sciences.

The two groups were awarded funding to help them plan for these exciting new classes and are working with the chairs of the respective departments on scheduling and other matters of detail.

Don Romesburg, assistant professor of Women's and Gender Studies, and Matthew Paolucci Callahan, assistant professor of psychology, will be teaching "Thinking Sex: Interdisciplinary Queer Studies" in the fall semester. Each will teach his own lower division class and the other will guest lecture for a number of classes, thus helping the students gain differing perspectives on the same topic area.

Margie Purser, professor of anthropology, Michelle Jolly, associate professor of history, Melinda Milligan associate professor of sociology, and Laura Watt, assistant professor of environmental studies and planning, will be teaching "Shared Places: Historical memory and Historical Preservation" in a shared classroom, using a lecture, small group model. This class will be offered in the spring of 2012.

The evaluating committee was made up of Karin Jaffe, associate professor of anthropology, Geri Olson, professor of psychology, and Elaine Leeder, Dean of the School of Social Sciences.

"It was a fun process and I hope that more folks will apply, should we be able to fund such a competition again," says Dean Leeder. "Let's congratulate our colleagues on the excellent proposals that were submitted and thank our donors, who made this competition possible."

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