Charmaz and Goldman Honored with Goldstein Awards

goldsteins.jpgThe recipients of the 2010-11 Goldstein Award for Excellence in Scholarship are Dr. Kathy Charmaz, professor of sociology, and Dr. Anne Goldman, professor of English. The award, established by Bernie and Estelle Goldstein, recognizes the faculty who best exemplify the teacher-scholar model in their professional development at Sonoma State University.

As recipients of the Goldstein Award, Drs. Charmaz and Goldman will each receive a $1,500 award to be used for any purpose that directly supports their scholarly work.



Dr. Kathy Charmaz is one of the world's leading theorists and exponents of grounded theory in the social sciences. Scholars in fields as diverse as nursing, education, psychology, and sociology use her groundbreaking work in qualitative methods to guide their own research projects. It is impossible to overstate just how influential and important a scholar and a mentor Dr. Charmaz is to the Sonoma State community. A member of the Sociology Department for 29 years, her extensive body of research exemplifies the critical link between active engagement in scholarship and excellence in education.

As Director of the Faculty Writing Program, her constant encouragement of colleagues and endless hours of insightful writing analysis has led to many additional accomplishments by SSU faculty, and her mentorship has shaped SSU teaching in profound and invaluable ways.

As an undergraduate sociology teacher, Dr. Charmaz has an enduring interest in helping SSU students improve their writing and analytical skills to prepare for graduate school.
The author of 302 cited publications, she has received all three of the major awards given by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, and is considered an innovative scholar and mentor by her peers.

Dr. Charmaz has authored numerous chapters and articles on qualitative research methods and also publishes in the areas of social psychology, health and illness, and writing for publication. She is a frequent keynote speaker and seminar presenter at national and international conferences representing a wide range of disciplines and regularly teaches professional development classes and workshops for graduate students and faculty on grounded theory methods and academic writing.

Kathy Charmaz has written, co-authored, or co-edited eight books. Two of these are award-winning books, Constructing Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide Through Qualitative Analysis, and Good Days, Bad Days: The Self in Chronic Illness and Time.



Dr. Anne Goldman is a nationally recognized essayist, an innovative instructor, an active and imaginative writer, and an exemplary example of the teacher-scholar model.
Since joining the faculty at Sonoma State University in 1998, Dr. Goldman has continued to write and publish with zeal, while also developing nearly thirty distinct academic courses based in part on her scholarly work.

The range of Dr. Goldman's contributions to the literary community extend from creative non-fiction essays to scholarly treatises. Her recent essays touch upon subjects as diverse as music, reading, and jellyfish.

In the last five years alone, she has published a co-edited volume and nine essays, while simultaneously teaching a full load of courses and contributing to departmental and university service commitments.

Recognition of her work is evidenced in the form of a National Endowment for the Humanities stipend in 2006, multiple nominations for Pushcart prizes, and three separate years of acknowledgement in Best American Essays.

Superbly adept at linking research, scholarship and writing to her teaching, Dr. Goldman has developed English courses in areas of Chicana/o studies, early Mexican-American literature, and Jewish studies. This spring she offers a 19th and 20th century Jewish immigrant narrative course, cross-listed with American Multicultural Studies.

In 2008, Dr. Goldman was instrumental in attaining a national grant for the University Library that funded a five-part reading and discussion series called "Let's Talk About It: Jewish Literature - Identity and Imagination."

Dr. Goldman's current book project considers the role of Jewish intellectuals of the 20th century in an international scope. She plans to finance research costs for the project with her Goldstein Award prize fund.


Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Bernie and Estelle Goldstein Awards for Excellence in Scholarship. To learn more about this program, contact Julia Arno, director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, at 664-3245 or email

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