Applause Award: Barbara Moore, Paul Cotter, Christine Hayes and Mo Llanes

thumbsup2.jpg"The campus recently hosted an amazing event, the Mandala Sand Painting Exhibit. Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery painstakingly created an incredible work of art. It was amazing and, wow, what a crowd it attracted!"

"I would like to thank the heck out of four fabulous individuals: Barbara Moore (IT, director of Web Services), Paul Cotter (Library Administration, Technology Consultant), Christine Hayes (Library Administration, Webmaster) and Mo Llanes (IT, Workstation Security and Services)."

"Thanks to them, visitors from far and wide were able to watch the creation of the mandala via webcam. And, we can relive the moment due to the awesome time-lapse video and slideshow ("

"They were helpful, efficient and everlastingly patient as they ironed out every last issue: networking, cabling, measuring, mounting, accommodating various last minute changes and etc... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Y'all are pretty dang amazing!"

-- Nominated by Julie Dinkins, Library Administration, Access Services Manager


The Applause Award Program provides faculty and staff with the ability to nominate an employee who demonstrates behavior which exemplifies performance related to the program criteria. Nominations for the program may be made by any member of the SSU community, and are accepted continuously. To nominate someone, complete and submit the Nomination Form (LDAP username and password required).

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