Applause Award: Moe Calvez, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for applause.jpg"Twice in the last month, Moe Calvez has been willing to race over from Schulz to Salazar to download Webex presentation software for us, 10 minutes before our presentations were scheduled to start. That, and his always agreeable responses as well as his rapid response time whenever we call him, makes him a pleasure to work with! While we give him great feedback on footprints (the automated customer service survey), we thought we needed to give him a standing ovation for the entire campus to see. Thank you for doing what you do, Moe!"

-- Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Terrie DeLorm, Dana Stekkinger, Emily Bawanan, Debbie Harrington, and Jessica Rojas, Employee Services, March 2, 2012

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