Angeles Arrien to Kick-off Wisdom Traditions Series

wisdom.pngCultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien will be lead students into "Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet," at 1 p.m. on Sept. 19. in the multipurpose room in the student union. The event is open to the public.

Arrien's speech is the first in the Wisdom Traditions Series (WTS); a new lecture series at SSU brought about through a partnership between the Multicultural Center (MCC) and the Learning Center TRiO programs. The series offers programs for the campus community to explore ideas and practices of the world's spiritual and contemplative traditions and promotes cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

Arrien is an educator, a consultant to many organizations and businesses, and is an award-winning author. She researched, created, and synthesized the Four-Fold Way Program, which is currently used in medical, academic and corporate environments. She lectures and conducts workshops internationally, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology and comparative religions.

The goals of the series reinforce the goals of the TRiO programs, which provide a holistic mix of academic and personal support services to help students from diverse backgrounds succeed.

This will be the first of four workshops, one in every season, held throughout the academic year to develop each of the four human capacities of vision, leadership, health, and wisdom.

For more information contact Leslie Shelton, director of the Learning Center, at

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