It Matters! Lecture Series Designed to Inspire Election Participation

itmatters.jpgEngage. Participate. Vote.

These are the words paired with the "It Matters!" lecture series presented by the Sonoma State University Library Sept. 13- Nov. 7.

"It Matters!" explores issues in the upcoming election, the importance of voting, civic engagement, and what it means to live in a democratic society. The program started in the 2004 election year and is back to encourage voting this year.

"It Matters!" will conclude on November 7 at noon in Schulz 3001 with a post-election wrap up by SSU President Dr. Ruben Armiñana who will discuss the election results. Join Professor David McCuan as he moderates a panel of these distinguished Sonoma County politicos: Dr. Ruben Armiñana, SSU President, Paul Gullixson and Jim Sweeney, Press Democrat, Gabe Meline, The Bohemian.

Launching the event is the Voter Registration and Art Party in the Library Art Gallery on Sept. 13 at 4 p.m.

Each year the art shown in the gallery is chosen to compliment what is touched upon in the "It Matters!" series.

"We try to connect the two," Karen Brodsky, librarian and director of arts and lectures at the library said. "What we try to do is look at artists who are committed to change of some kind over their career."

This year the gallery is presenting "Agents of Change: Art as Activism," an exhibition of art that presents activism in different forms and continues throughout the "It Matters!" series.

During the event students are able to meet the artists and can register to vote.

On Sept. 19 at noon, there will be a Constitution Day Discussion in Schulz 3001. Moderated by the Political Science Department, the question "is the constitution under attack?" will be addressed.

The School of Business and Economics will present "Taxes & The Economy," a panel discussion that looks at the economy and taxes in this election cycle on Oct. 3 at noon in Schulz 3001.

"Gender, Race, and Class in 2012 Elections," is a panel discussion presented by the Women and Gender Studies Department on Oct. 10 at noon in Schulz 3001. This event will ask the questions "is there a war on women?" and "is this election about class?"

On Oct. 17, students from POLS 484 will lead, "Deciphering the Ballot," a panel dedicated to helping students understand what is on the ballot this year.

For more information contact Karen Brodsky at

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