Promises Kept. SSU Alum Makes Veterans Day Donation to American Vets.

rochester.jpgOn Veterans Day 2011, SSU alum Jack B. Rochester made a promise that accompanied the publishing of his novel, Wild Blue Yonder by Joshua Tree Press. Rochester said at the time, "For every copy sold, I'm donating $1 to the Vietnam Veterans of America who support our troops."

Now he is paying up as promised.

Based on Amazon and Barnes & Noble reporting, Rochester wrote a check on Nov. 11, 2012 to the Vietnam Veterans of America for $743. On Veterans Day 2013, he'll make a donation to yet another veterans group.

Subtitled A Novel of the 1960s, Wild Blue Yonder tells the story of Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers, a sheltered boy from a Chicago suburb who, by joining the military, learns how to grow up and get along with others.

Wild Blue Yonder has been favorably reviewed on Amazon (21 reviews, most 5 stars), Barnes & Noble, Facebook, Goodreads, Publisher's Weekly, and elsewhere.

Rochester attended SSU as an English major and received his bachelor's degree in 1972, followed by a master's degree in comparative literature, also from SSU in 1984. His generosity goes beyond Veterans. He has also sponsored a scholarship for SSU students interested in writing for five years and currently owns Joshua Tree Interactive.

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