Change is the Theme as Weill Hall Opens to First Course for 700 Plus Students

Living in a changing world at Sonoma State University means something special this semester as a first-of-its-kind course at SSU is launched in Weill Hall at the Green Music Center.

Thanks to the capacity of the 1440-seat hall, the course will allow more than 700 students to explore significant transformations that have occurred throughout society over the past century, from technology, information, and business to literature, the arts, science and medicine, education and the family.

Taught for the first time by the seven Deans on campus, the course also features lectures by SSU President Ruben Arminana and Provost Andrew Rogerson. First session is Jan. 16.

This course is intended to orient new transfer students, as well as continuing students, to the range of academic resources available at SSU. Besides lectures, the syllabus includes a ropes course and a volunteer project related to education. Music students will perform in mini-concerts before several of the lectures.

Those taking the course will also have an opportunity to attend the North Bay Economic Outlook Conference while it is being held for the first time in Weill Hall. The theme for this year's highly regarded event for the business community is innovation.

John Kornfeld, Director of Undergraduate Studies, who is coordinating the effort, says "teaching 760 students in Weill Hall will not be like teaching them elsewhere. The Hall creates a sense of intimacy that will make it easier for the lecturers to connect with the students. But it's a big undertaking. We are enlisting the expertise of faculty and staff across the campus to plan a unique educational experience. It will be inspirational."

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