UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY: Four Sculptors at Play In "The Third Dimension"

hismastersvoice.jpgThe University Art Gallery at Sonoma State University unveils The Third Dimension: Four Sculptors with a reception on Thursday, Sept. 4 from 4-6 p.m. The exhibit will be on view through Sunday, Oct. 12 and features the work Shawn HibmaCronin, Walter Robinson, Chris Thorson, and Ann Weber.

"Like contemporary art in general, recent sculpture defies easy categorization," says exhibit curator and art professor Michael Schwager. "There is no longer a dominant aesthetic as there was in the 1950s with Abstract Expressionism, the 1960s with Pop, and the 1960s and 70s with Minimalism."

"Sculpture today is as diverse and varied as the artists who make it and the world they inhabit. Yet, for the most part, sculpture shares one common characteristic--it is three-dimensional and (usually) occupies the same space as those who make, view, and collect it.

The Third Dimension takes this relatively simple premise as an opportunity to explore a spectrum of sculptural works by four emerging and established artists from the Bay Area and New Mexico.

econoline.jpgShawn HibmaCronan creates large-scale, moving sculpture from wood, steel, and reclaimed objects intended to engage the viewer and spark conversation; Walter Robinson works in a range of materials--wood, epoxy, metal, and found materials--to hand-fabricate and assemble objects that investigate the mechanics of cultural and social anthropology; Chris Thorson's work tricks the eye with her trompe l'oeil recreations of common--and often overlooked--objects such as cigarette butts, gloves, and remote controls meticulously crafted by hand in; and Ann Weber fabricates monumental and elegant abstract sculpture from cardboard in an engaging hybrid of craft and high art.

The public is welcome to attend lectures by the artists on:

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 12-1, ShawnHibmaCronin
Tuesday, Sept. 30, 12-1, Ann Weber
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 12-1, Chris Thorson

The University Art Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. and weekends, noon to 4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, please call (707) 664-2295.

Since 1978, the University Art Gallery at Sonoma State University has been a central part of Sonoma County's growing visual arts community. The Art Gallery's mission is to serve as a source of educational and cultural enrichment for the campus and surrounding communities through exhibitions, programs and publications that promote the understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary visual art from throughout the United States and beyond.


Walter Robinson
His Master's Voice, 2013
wood, polyurethane

Shawn HibmaCronan
The Econoline (Love, Inertia, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Stance), 2008-ongoing
1963 Ford Econoline custom van
75 x 168 x 65"

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