OFRSP - Forms

The documents on this page are available for download and use by SSU personnel. Please check back frequently for updated forms and information.

Topic Form Content File Type/Notes Revision Date
Proposal Endorsement Proposal Endorsement Form (PEF) (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 1/13/14
Conflict of Interest: Nongovernmental Sponsors Form 700-U (Adobe Acrobat,.PDF) 10/20/15
Conflct of Interest: PHS and NIH Microsoft Word, .doc 7/1/14
Conflict of Interest: PHS and NSF (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 4/27/04
Foreign Travel Checklist (Microsoft Word, .doc) 6/30/05
Required Budget Documents OFRSP Budget Template (Microsoft Excel, .xls)

Fall 2015

Fringe Benefit and Risk Rates (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 8/13/13
Federally Negotiated Indirect Rates (Adobe Acrobat,.PDF) 11/19/10
Indirect Cost Waiver Form (Microsoft Word, .doc) 1/19/10
Cost Share Verification Form (Microsoft Excel, .xls) 12/3/09
Internal Award Programs President's Award of Excellence RFP Closed Coming in December
Faculty Mini-Grant RFP (Microsoft Word, .doc) 2015
Faculty Mini-Grant Cover Page (Microsoft Word, .doc) 2015
Faculty Mini-Grant Narrative (Microsoft Word, doc) 2015
Faculty Mini-Grant Budget Form Microsoft Excel, .xls) 2015
RSCAP JANUARY Fellowship RFP (Microsoft Word, .doc) 2015
RSCAP JANUARY Fellowship Application Cover Page (Microsoft Word, .doc) 2015
RSCAP JANUARY Fellowship Application (Microsoft Word, .doc) 2015
Human Subjects IRB Human Subjects Application - Fill-enabled (Microsoft Word, .doc) 6/22/07
IRB Human Subjects Application - Appendix A. Informed Consent Guidance (Microsoft Word, .docx) 11/9/2015
IRB Human Subjects Application -Appendix B. Research Activities Eligible for Exemption or Expedited Review (Microsoft Word, .doc) 8/10/06
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