OFRSP - Proposal Development & Routing

Contact OFRSP as early in the proposal development process as possible to assure smooth and timely endorsement routing.

Proposal Development Support

OFRSP provides the following proposal development services:

External proposals:

  • Assist with defining project design and scope:
    • concept papers
    • draft budgets
    • timelines
  • Provide training for prospect research
  • Analyze requests for proposals (RFPs) and sponsor guidelines
  • Assist with developing proposals to external sponsors:
    • letters of inquiry
    • pre-proposals
    • final proposal narratives
    • final budgets and budget justifications
    • submission of proposals
  • Assure proposals are in compliance with university and sponsor guidelines and regulations.
  • Route proposals for endorsement by senior SSU administration prior to submitting to sponsoring agencies.

Internal proposals:

  • Serve as staff to the Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs (FSSP) and provide pre- and post-award administration services for the internal awards program.

Proposal Routing Procedures

Proposal Endorsement:

The first step for any PI should always be to discuss prospective projects with the appropriate Department Chair and School Dean to obtain school level support before proceeding with the development of a proposal. In order to ensure that the resources needed to successfully complete a project are available, proposals for external funding must be endorsed by the appropriate Sonoma State University administrative officials before submission. Download the Proposal Endorsement Form(PEF) The completed PEF, along with the project budget, abstract, and the sponsor’s RFP, is routed by OFRSP for review and approval. Please deliver the required routing documents to OFRSP at least of ten working days prior to the submission deadline to allow for timely approval.

Required reviews and approvals for the PI/PD to obtain:

  • Principal Investigator (required)
  • Department Chair (recommendation, obtained by the PI)
  • School Dean (required, obtained by the PI)

Required reviews and approvals for OFRSP to obtain:

  • Information Technology (administrative review)
  • Capital Planning (administrative review)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (administrative review)
  • Procurement (administrative review)
  • Police Services (administrative review)
  • Human Services (administrative review)
  • Faculty Affairs (administrative review)
  • Chief Financial Officer or designee (required)
  • President or designee (required)

PIs should carefully review SSU policies and procedures on grants and contracts and related issues before developing proposals.