The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us evaluate the undergraduate psychology program at Sonoma State University.  Your participation is very important and we would like you to respond thoughtfully and candidly.  The questionnaires will be kept completely anonymous.  However, if any question requests information you wish not to provide, please skip the question.

The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes or less to complete.

To what extent do you feel your education in psychology at SSU developed the following academic skills?

To write well.

To speak well.

To use computers well.

To research psychological issues.

To understand and apply humanistic psychology .

To understand and apply transpersonal psychology .

To understand human systems (from individual to global).

To receive constructive criticism.

To give constructive criticism.

To think critically.

To read critically.

To to use informational resources (e.g., web, library).

To evaluate empirical research reports.

To present empirical research results.

To apply psychological theory to personal and social issues.

To learn skills that promote behavioral change.

To understand your own cultural identity.

To work effectively with people with diverse backgrounds.

To what extent do you feel your education in psychology at SSU developed the following personal skills?

To reflect on your own experience and find meaning in it.

To facilitate the development of human potential.

To collaborate as a team or community member.

To deal sensitively and effectively with a wide variety of people.

To develop your creative potential.

To express thoughts and feelings appropriately.

To create a healthy lifestyle.

To become involved in community or political activities.

To manage your time effectively.

To help others adopt health promoting behaviors.

Experiences as a Psychology Major

When did you declare psychology as your major?

Did you take Introduction to Psychology in high school?
Did you transfer to SSU as a psychology major?
If you did transfer as a psychology major, in which year did you transfer?

Did you know about the department's humanistic/transpersonal orientation before you began the psychology major?
To what extent did you choose to study psychology because of the department's humanistic orientation?

How frequently over the course of your attendance at SSU did you talk
with a psychology faculty advisor?

Overall, how helpful did you find the faculty advisor(s)?

Overall, how informed about academic requirements did you find the faculty advisor(s)?

What types of help did you seek during advising?

What would you have liked to see in your advising? Select one or more.

Did you participate in an internship through the psychology major?
Did you take a service learning course?
Did you serve as a teaching assistant in a psychology course?
Did you serve as a research assistant for a psychology faculty member?
Did you take a research methods course?
Did you take a personality course?
Did you take a counseling psychology course?
Did you take a developmental psychology course?
Did you take a biological psychology or neuroscience course?
Did you take a body/health psychology course (e.g., biofeedback, psych & yoga, psych. of body)?
Did you take a multi-cultural or cross-cultural psychology course?

How would you rate the following aspects of the Psychology department?

Facilitating the development of job skills.

Advising for career.

Clear degree requirements.

Availability of required courses .

Flexibility of the program to meet your needs.

Opportunities to pursue individual projects.

Availability of field work, practicum, internship experience.

Variety of courses offered.

Opportunities for personal growth.

Preparation for graduate study.

Advising for graduate study.

Availability of courses needed to fulfill graduate program requirements.

Availability of courses that interested you.

Looking back, what are some features of the psychology major that
have been MOST useful to you?

Looking back, what are some features of the psychology major that
have been LEAST useful to you?

Your Plans

Which choices below best describe your plans for the year immediately after graduation? Select one or more.


Which choices below best describe your long-range plans beyond your B.A. in psychology? Select one or more.


Additional Background Questions

Which best describes your experience?

What is your gender?
What year were you born?
Average Time

What is your GPA in the psychology major?

What is your cumulative college GPA?

Please tell us the category that best describes your racial/ethnic background
Please indicate where you were born

Are you the first person in your family to graduate college?
Is there anything else that you would like us to know, but we may not
have asked the right question?