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PSY 499: Psychology Internship

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Undergraduate Psychology Internship home page

Here you will find a list of Internships available to enable our advanced students to gain hands-on experience in the specific areas of their choice. These Internship experiences are designed in partnership with over 100 community agencies in a variety of areas of psychological practice. While an Internship is not currently required for graduation, approximately 150 students complete Psychology Internships each year. Nationwide, nearly three quarters of all college students complete Interships.

Participating as an undergraduate psychology intern allows you to:

•  Apply your theoretical learning in real-life situations.

•  Develop applied skills necessary for working in the field of psychology.

•  Sample a variety of career directions.

•  Learn which areas of psychology fit or do not fit your particular skills and interests.

•  Improve your qualifications for graduate programs.

•  Help some excellent agencies provide services that improve our society on the local level.

For further information on Psycholgy 499, our Internship class, and how to get university credit for your Internship, please see the Course Syllabus and check out the other links on the left.

If you are interested in offering our students an internship with your agency , please contact the Psychology Internship Coordinator, Dr. Lorna Catford at or (707) 664-2402.



last updated: 12. 3.2013