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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships


You may take up to 4 units of Psy 499, Psychology Internship, per semester, for a grand total of up to 8 units. Internship experience is not currently required for graduation, but it provides invaluable application of your theoretical knowledge, and is often required by graduate programs. Graduate school information is available on the Psychology Dept website. Internship information is available here and in the Psychology Department Office, Stevenson 3092. You may also contact Dr. Lorna Catford at (707) 664-2402 or at

Don’t leave finding your internship for the last minute! It takes time to find a good placement. Make sure you complete everything on the Check-List.

____ (1) Complete at least one of the following Psychology Internship Prerequisites
• Prior relevant coursework.
• Prior paid or volunteer psychology-related experience.
• Currently in a position for which you wish to receive internship credit.

____ (2) Attend a Required Psychology Internship Information Meeting
• See fliers in the Psychology Department, or find internship information meeting times on-line.
• At this meeting you will receive information and your questions will be answered.
• You will receive assistance in completing your contract, the Internship Agreement form.
• If you have already attended this meeting, or a semester of Psy 499, you are exempt from attending.

____ (3) Obtain a current Psy 499 Internship Syllabus
• These are available in the Psychology Office and on-line.
• Everything you need to know about course requirements is here.

____ (4) Set up an approved Internship Placement

  • A searchable list of Internship Agencies is available on-line.
  • Further information on student descriptions of internship experiences is available in the Psychology Department office.
  • Contact potential agencies and complete their interview process to find the best match of internships for you.
  • Contact Dr. Lorna Catford if you wish to set up a new Internship, not already in our database.
  • You may receive Internship Credit for your appropriate job, provided you set up new professional development goals.

____ (5) Provide your Supervisor with our Internship Supervisor Letter
• This is available in the Psychology Office and on-line.
• This letter informs your Supervisor what we request from them and the supervision we provide.

____ (6) Complete a University Internship Agreement Form
• This is your Contract with the agency and SSU, and is available in the Psychology Office (Stevenson 3092) or at the Information Meeting and is not available on-line.
• Complete top section
.... Internship is available for Credit/No Credit only. You may not take it for a letter grade.
.... 45 hours of activity, including training, reading, observation, reporting = 1 unit of credit.
.... Make sure your weekly schedule and semester total hours match the units you request.

• Complete Part A with your on-site Supervisor.
• Complete Part B based on information from the Information Meeting or Psy 499 Syllabus.
• Put your and your Supervisor’s signatures in appropriate places.

____ (7) Obtain a Psy 499 Internship Time Log
• This is available in the Psychology Office and on-line.
• You may start logging your hours on the date that your Supervisor signs your Internship Agreement form

____ (8) Return completed Internship Agreement form to Dr. Lorna Catford, Psychology Department, Stevenson 3092, before the end of the Add/Drop period (second week of the semester).
• Submit this form as early as possible to ensure you do get credit.
• Dr. Catford will review it and contact you if there are any questions.
• The department will gather the remaining signatures for you and send this form to Admissions & Records.
YOU CANNOT register on-line. You will be automatically registered after submission of this form.

____ (9) (OPTIONAL) Attach Petition to Take Over 20 Units if needed.
• If you internship will put you over 20 units, you must attach the Petition to Take Over 20 Units, available from the Psychology Office, or you will not be registered for the internship.

____ (10) Tell Dr. Lorna Catford which Supervision Series you prefer
• Provide your 1st and 2nd choice. Earlier notification means you’re more likely to get your 1st choice.
• If all will work for you, or you do not notify us of your preferences, you will be placed in the smallest section.
• If you don’t do this you may not get a time that fits your schedule!!!
• Check the Internship Bulletin Board on the Psychology hallway after the Add/Drop period to see which supervision series group you are in.

____ (11) Check Internship Bulletin Board in Psychology hallway to confirm your Supervision Series group.
• A listing of who is in which supervision series group will be posted on the Internship Bulletin Board near the Psychology office in the third or fourth week of class.
• Write your 3 meetings in your planner!!!!!

____ (12) Bring Your Entrance Paper to your first Supervision Meeting
• See Psy 499 Syllabus for details.


last updated: 08. 5.2008