Events & Activities

Our campus prides itself on the notion of “There’s Always Something to do at SSU!”, and this idea is a prevalent reality in our community!  Whether the events are centered in the Residential Community or on the campus at large, there really is something to do every single day! 

Some of the events that we provide in the Residence Halls include comedy shows, the annual RSA Luau, Casino Night, Jello Wars, the Holi Festival, a wide variety of Weekend Get Away programs, trips, Big Screen Outdoor Movie Nights, Smores Parties, educational events, and much more!   

We also promote the various events that happen throughout the campus as a whole by sending out weekly emails to all residents, posting flyers and banners in the community, and by putting up “This Week” boards showing a day-by-day glance at what’s happening at SSU!  

If you would like to help plan events or are having difficulty finding an activity you’re interested in, please speak with your Village CSA or contact Mo Phillips with your suggestions. We are listening!