The Wine Intensive Executive MBA

A unique, wine-intensive Executive MBA from SSU

New Executive MBA in Napa launched in April 2014. 

The wine intensive Executive MBA from SSU is a fully-accredited MBA degree program designed to accomodate the needs of working professionals in the local wine industry. Similar to the traditional Executive MBA, the wine intensive Executive MBA is a 17 month program designed to provide you with the leadership skills needed to make a significant impact in the North Bay.

What makes the wine intensive EMBA program so unique? The emphasis of specific courses pertaining to wine industry issues as well as the flexible schedule designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals during prime harvest season.

Learn from leading professionals that incorporate their real-life wine industry experiences into the classroom.You'll study with a tight group of like-minded professionals who bring with them similar experience levels and perspectives on the many challenges faced by leaders in the wine industry.

Wine Intensive EMBA Resources:

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