Wine Business MBA Program Description

The Wine Business MBA program consists of the following set of courses:

  • MBA Foundation Courses (32 semester units)
  • Wine Business MBA Required Courses (24 semester units)
  • MBA Elective Courses (6 semester units)

MBA Foundation Courses (32 semester units)

The MBA Foundation courses provide the fundamental knowledge of business principles to prepare students for the study of business at the graduate level. This set of courses is taken at the undergraduate level. The Foundation courses include the following:

  • BUS 230A and 230B Principles of Accounting (8)
  • BUS 344 Organizational Behavior (4) or BUS 504 (2)
  • BUS 360 Introduction to Marketing (4) or BUS 506 (2)
  • BUS 370 Introduction to Managerial Finance (4) or BUS 507 (2) 
  • BUS 211 Business Statistics (4)
  • ECON 204 and 205 (previously 201A and 201B) Introduction to Economics (8)

Foundation courses may be waived for competencies demonstrated by the undergraduate courses or their equivalents listed above or by examination. All courses listed at the 200 level may be taken at a junior college. All courses listed at the 300 level must be taken at a four year institution at the upper division level. If acceptable equivalents of these courses have been taken at another institution, but the total units earned do not sum to 30 semester units, the student must take supplementary business courses to achieve the 30-unit minimum. A student needing one or more foundation courses will be admitted as a Conditionally Classified Student.

tasting_room_stock_photo.jpgAll candidates for the MBA program in Wine Business will be expected to have completed 24 units of wine related coursework or 24 months of wine industry work experience, or any combination thereof, before being admissible to the MBA program in Wine Business.


Transfer Grades

All courses applied to the program must be completed with an overall GPA of 3.00, and no course for which a final grade below C is assigned may be used to satisfy this requirement. Graduate programs must be completed in no more than 7 years, which is computed as 14 semesters.

Wine Business MBA Core Courses (24 semester units)

As the title signifies, the core courses for the Wine Business MBA are a cluster of graduate business courses that must be taken by all students in the Wine Business MBA. These 3-unit courses are intended to provide the graduate with those skills necessary to become an effective leader and manager in today's business environment. The core courses include the following:

  • BUS 516 Seminar in Operations Management
  • BUS 519 Management Information Systems
  • BUS 530 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUS 540 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • BUS 545W Global Wine Business 
  • BUS 560 Seminar in Marketing Management
  • BUS 570 Seminar in Managerial Finance
  • BUS 591 Seminar in Strategic Management
    or BUS 592 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Wine Business MBA Elective Courses (6 semester units)

A Wine Business MBA student must complete 6 units of Wine Business MBA Elective courses to graduate. Elective courses are typically worth 3 units each. All directed studies and internships in the Wine MBA concentration (BUS 595, 596, and 599) are required to focus on wine business related topics.

  • BUS 555W Sustainability in the Wine and Hospitality Industry
  • BUS 565W Marketing and Sales Strategies for Wine
  • BUS 595W Special Studies in Business Administration
  • BUS 596W Graduate Internship
  • BUS 599W Master's Degree Directed Research

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