Welcome Transfer Students!

As a new transfer student, you have the opportunity to continue your education in an environment rich with opportunity. Since every college is different, your first step as a Seawolf is to attend Transfer Orientation!

What Happens at Orientation

Transfer Orientation is designed to get transfer students acclimated to SSU. During this one-day orientation students will learn about campus services, receive advising, and meet SSU faculty, staff and students. This year Transfer Orientation will be held in The New Student Center, and the new transfer students will get to be some of the first students to be inside our brand new Student Center! Transfer Orientation is required for all incoming transfer students. By attending Orientation, students will receive a registration appointment and have their Orientation Hold removed from their MySSU account.

Orientation Schedule For Fall 2014

View Agenda (pdf)

We are currently offering two Transfer Orientation sessions on April 18th and May 2nd for students coming into the Fall 2014 semester. If you have an orientation hold on your account, it will be removed once you sign-up AND attend orientation.

How to sign up for Orientation

A: See instructions on how to sign-up for Orientation.

If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at (707) 664-4464 or email us at orientation@sonoma.edu

Orientation Program Fees

Students: $35 (This fee is combined with the Enrollment Reservation Deposit which totals $235) There is no guest or parent program at Transfer Orientation. Due to space capacity, please do not bring parents/guests to Transfer Orientation.

Paying Orientation Fees

Fees for Orientation cover the cost of staffing, parking, refreshments and program materials. This $35 fee is combined with the Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD) and must be paid prior to signing up for Orientation.

Refund Information: If you change your mind about attending Sonoma State University, you must notify the University in writing in order to receive a refund. The Enrollment/Orientation Deposit does not guarantee specific course or program availability and is 50% refundable if requested in writing by July 15, 2014; non-refundable thereafter.

Orientation Hold

All transfer students will have a hold on their MySSU account until they check-in and participate in Orientation. Once our office recognizes that you have attended Orientation, your hold will be removed and you will be able to register for classes.

Services to Students with Disabilities

Please contact the Orientation Office at 707-664-4464 or orientation@sonoma.edu to request services from the Disabilities Services for Students (DSS) office for your time at Transfer Orientation. We will be sure to get in touch with the DSS Office to make your accommodations happen.

Scholarship/Recruited Athletes

All scholarship recruited athletes are required to participate in the mandatory orientation programs at Sonoma State University.

Veteran Students and Dependents of Veterans

Veteran students and dependents of veterans are required to attend the mandatory orientation programs at Sonoma State University. The Veterans Affairs Office staff will be available at Orientation to answer questions and provide advice on completing forms, joining the Veterans Club, and much more!

Submit Mandatory Immunization Records

Send official proof that your student has received mandatory immunizations to the SSU Office of Admissions and Records. This is mandatory and must be completed prior to the start of the semester. Read more about the immunization requirements here. Make sure your student has received and has record of these mandatory immunizations now. Download and complete the immunization form, attach the proper records to it and mail to SSU Office of Admissions and Records (address is on the form). Records should be sent at least four to six weeks before the start of your first semester at SSU to allow time for processing before classes begin.

Transfer FAQs

Q: Why are transfer students required to attend Orientation?
A: Advising is critical to student success and timeliness to graduation. To ensure that all new students understand academic policies, General Education and major requirements for graduation, all new students (transfer, returning students and freshmen) are required to attend Orientation. Parents, spouses, or siblings cannot attend Orientation in place of their student. It is important for each student to learn first-hand the information and expectations of Sonoma State University.

Q: What happens if I don't attend Transfer Orientation?
A: Students who do not attend Transfer Orientation will have their Orientation Hold stay on their account until Orientation is completed. This means that students will not be able to register for classes until Orientation is completed. If you have an Orientation Hold issue, please contact the Orientation Office at 707-664-4464 or orientation@sonoma.edu.

Q: What are my orientation fees paying for?
A: You orientation fees are paying for all program materials, meals, parking, and staffing.

Q: Can I bring a guest with me?
A: There is no guest or parent program at Transfer Orientation. Due to space capacity, please do not bring parents/guests to Transfer Orientation.

Q: What should I bring to Orientation?
A: You do not need to bring anything as we will provide everything you will need. You can bring your unofficial transcript to help with advising but it is not necessary.

Q: Who can I call with questions?
A: The friendly and knowledgeable Orientation staff is ready to answer your questions. Call 707-664-4464 Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm or e-mail us at orientation@sonoma.edu. During our peak times (February - July) we receive many phone calls and voicemails. We recommend e-mail before phone calls and if you do decide to call please leave a voicemail as we try to get back to you within 48 hours.

On-line orientation:

Please click "Start Prezi" below if you were given permission by the Orientation Office to complete on-line transfer orientation: