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Sauvignon CommUNITY Co-op Team Leader

Title: Sauvignon CommUNITY Co-op Team Leader
Department: Residential Life, Administration and Finance
Position Offered: Student Assistant/Federal Work Study
Compensation: 7-9 Hours/Week @ $9.00/hr

Position Summary:

By joining the Sauvignon CommUNITY, students seek and commit to active involvement in cooperative (Co-op) teams structured around a specific theme, which are designed to foster positive community, investment, and pride in the students' living environment. The Co-op Team Leader will work in a specific building in conjunction with the Community Service Advisors and one or two other Co-op Team Leaders. This team of CSAs and Co-op Team Leaders play a critical role in helping residents to realize ownership of their community. To effectively implement and manage the Sauvignon CommUNITY, each Co-op Team Leader will work with their students to educate them about their respective Co-op theme and to facilitate community building through a variety of activities and programs.

Office of Residential Life Mission

Our mission is to provide a learning environment that promotes the academic and personal development of our students.

Office of Residential Life Values

  • Community: A physical space, human interaction, and/or shared experience that develops respect for and dignity of all members
  • Academic Success: A commitment to our students' intellectual academic achievements and their pursuits of life-long learning
  • Holistic Development: A consideration for the entirety of one's experience, encompassing their intellectual, physical, and spiritual and emotional well being
  • Human Awareness and Diversity: An exploration of self and an understanding of one's own diverse perspectives and identities, in relation to others and the global society
  • Responsibility: A choice that one makes to adhere to community standards while assuming accountability for their words and actions

The Co-op Team Leader participates in helping the department accomplish the above through her/his connections with residents and fellow staff.

Job Requirements:

1. Meetings with your Supervisor

  1. You will have regular one-on-ones with your Supervisor during the academic year.
    1. Schedule dependent with discussion with supervisor.
  2. You will be required to submit a weekly report prior to your on-on-ones detailing community concerns and your community building efforts for that week.

2. Programming Requirements

  1. Coordinate a program with your CSA within the first 6 weeks (Alcohol & Civility program counts).
  2. Implement Community Building Activities throughout the year incorporating your theme.
  3. Know your residents.
  4. Support CSA programs/activities through attendance, participation, and/ or coordination.
  5. You are required to attend the entire length of any programs that you are coordinating.
  6. During the Spring Semester you will help create, plan, and implement an End of the Year Celebration for the Co-op Program and its participants.

3. Building Meetings
a. You will co-facilitate any building meetings with the CSA's for that building and your fellow Co-op Team Leader(s) for that building.

4. Monthly Face Time with Residents
a. Setup contact with each of your residents for one-on-one interaction to check in with them monthly (at a minimum).

  1. Contact is encouraged to be face to face with residents unless otherwise discussed with supervisor.

5. Required In-services, Events, and Trainings

  1. Attend and participate in ALL training programs prior to the beginning of each semester. These trainings are mandatory.
    1. Pre-service, May 1st, time TBD
    2. Fall training will begin on Monday, August 11, 2014. Over the summer you will be notified of when you will be able to move back on to campus.
    3. Spring training will begin at 9 am on Friday, January 16, 2015.
  2. Attend Seawolf Welcome Weeks Activities and participate as a staff member of the Office of Residential Life. Big Nite is a mandatory event for all Campus Life Staff.
  3. Attend monthly campus life meetings.
  4. Attend Weekly In-services, which will be 2 hours long and will take place every week on Friday between 1pm-4pm or otherwise planned. In-services will generally include Co-op Team Leader meetings and/ or Sauvignon East or West Staff Team meetings.
  5. Meet a minimum of every two (2) weeks with the CSAs and other Co-Op Leaders from your building.
  6. Take an active part in the selection process for the 2015-2016 Co-op Team Leader staff by helping with Individual Interviews (February -March) and the Group Process Day (Date TBD).


1. Required:

  • Creativity, dependability, and a commitment to the Residential Life staff team.
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • A dedication to working towards a socially just community.
  • Satisfactory completion of University 238 (B or better). A similar course of parallel gateway leadership experience may be substituted for this requirement.
  • Minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5 at time of application and must maintain 2.5 GPA throughout hiring and employment.
  • Good judicial standing (at the time of application and hiring) with Residential Life and the University.

2. Preferred:

  • Demonstrated programming experience.
  • Minimum of 2 semesters completed at SSU by Fall 2015. Prior on-campus living experience.

Work Schedule:

Connecting with Co-op students (Organizing and leading community building activities, check-ins,planning and attending programs, etc.) 3-4 hours
Administrative (Emails, tracking students' progress) 1-2 hours
Meetings with Supervisor/Staff 2-3 hours
Total: 7-9 hours a week

How to Apply for this Position:

1) Go to to access all job descriptions. Beginning November 3rd 2014, go to the same website to access and submit your online application.

  1. Attend an Information Session.
    1. Residential Life Position Informational Sessions will be held on:
      1. October 27th at 7 pm in the Cooperage
      2. November 13th at 7 pm in the Alexander Valley Room located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center
      3. January 20th at 7 pm in the Alexander Valley Room located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center

2) Sign up for the Leadership Class, UNIV 238.
a) To receive priority access to UNIV 238 at the beginning of registration week beginning November 14th, you will need to complete the online application form and submit your essay. If these two requirements are completed by noon on Thursday, November 13th you will be guaranteed a priority seat in UNIV 238. If these two requirements are completed after noon on Thursday, November 13th, you will still be guaranteed a seat in UNIV 238, but you might have fewer choices in which section you will be able to take.

3) Submit all pieces of the online application no later than 4:30 pm on January 30, 2015. (This includes the letter of recommendation)

4) Sign up February 2nd-6th, 2015 on-line for individual interviews.

5) Sign up February 2nd-6th, 2015 for a four week workshop series that will begin the week of February 9th at the Residential Life Office. This is a requirement for all new candidates who have not held a CSA or Co-op Team Leader Position.


Direct questions about the Co-op Team Leader position to one of the following:
Tramaine Austin-Dillon, Area Coordinator, Residential Life, 707-664-3735,
Julia Rose, Area Coordinator, Residential Life, 707-664-3711,

sonoma state university, 1801 e.cotati ave rohnert park, ca 94928