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The lab.
The lab.
Another picture of the lab, looking towards the tank farm and gas exchange system.
An early picture of the gas exchange system.
A sap flow probe set installed in a snowgum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) tree near Falls Creek, VIC, Australia.
We make lots of our own instruments here. This is a photodiode circuit attached to a microscope slide.
Former student Rachel Francis measuring demonstrating the porometer on a Camellia shrub.
Sun through a redwood tree at Spring Lake park in Santa Rosa.
An unidentified but impressively hardy plant in Death Valley.
More home-made equipment: a set of constant power sap flow power supplies.
The guts of a CP power supply.
The aptly named Cliff of Peril, one of our field sites in Victoria, Australia.
Another photo of the Cliff of Peril, this one looking towards its sister site, the Valley of Darkness.
The unbelievably beautiful Sonoma Coast.
Another view of the Sonoma Coast.
More local photos: Spring lake in Santa Rosa.
Spring Lake again.
A confocal micrograph of two very open stomata, taken by my colleague Joe Shope at Utah State.
The cover image of Plant Physiology, from the edition in which our paper on guard cell PV curves (Franks et al 2001) appeared.
A stand of tall alpine ash (Eucalyptus delegatensis) at Tatternal's Landing, one of our sites near Canberra, Australia.
The lab mascot, Schrodinger, with me on a hilltop in Canberra.
Sun through a tree.