Anita Catlin's Publications

Honest Work on Complex Topics 2011

Transition from Curative Efforts to Purely Palliative Care for Neonates - Does Physiology Matter? 2011

Investigation of Standard Care Versus Sham ReikiPlacebo Versus Actual Reiki Therapy to Enhance Comfort and Well-Being in a Chemotherapy Infusion Center
May 2011

Parental Decision Making Regarding Treatment of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome 2010

Care of the Child with the Desire to Change Genders - Part III: Male-to-Femaie Transition Sep Oct 2010

Book Review The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack July Aug 2010

Care of the Child with the Desire to Change Genders - Part II: Female-to-Male Transition Mar Apr 2010

Book Review Newborn Screening Presidents Council on Bioethics March 2010

Care of the Child with the Desire to Change Gender Jan Feb 2010

Trisomy 18 and Choices.9(2) Jan 2010

Five Incredible Babies, Five Paradigm Cases Nov 2009

When the Fetus is Alive and the Mother is Dead June 2009

Noise Reduction March 2009

Variability of Physicians in End of Life Care 2009

Issues and Ethics Related to Embryo Placement: A National Discussion Nov Dec 2008

Book Review Preterm Birth Causes, Consequences, IOM Nov 2008

Groningen Protocol May June 2008

Conscientious Objection to Futile Care March April 2008

Commentary on NANN Position Statement 3015 - NICU Nurse Involvement in Ethical Decisions (Treatnebt of Critically Ill Newborns) 2007

NANN 3015 Care of Critically Ill Infants Nov 2007

Book Review Guyer Babies at Risk; Lantos Neonatal Ethics May 2007

Home Care for the High-Risk Neonate Feb 2007

Extremely Long Hospitalizations of Newborns in the United States: Data, Descriptions, Dilemmas Nov 2006

Book Reviw Palliative Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents: A Practical Handbook April 2005

Book Review Carter and Levetown Palliative Care Text April 2005

Thinking Outside the Box Prenatal Advance Directive Feb 2005

End of Life Care for Newborns- Letter to Editor Aug 2004

Bringing Perinatal Palliative Care to the Forefront July - Sept 2004

Medical Errors Part 2 July Aug 2004

Help shape the future of Perinatal Care May June 2004

Home Health Care for Children who are Technology Dependent March April 2004

War in Iraq Influences Health Care Professional Jan Feb 2004

Thalassemia: The Facts and the Conroversies Nov Dec 2003

Lactation Supression Sept Oct 2003

Highlighting the Case of Carol Carr July Aug 2003

Nurse Practitioner Focus Group Nov Dec 2002

Touched by Life - Then Touching Otrhers New Books, Videos, and Journals by Nurses in Ethics July Aug 2002

Pediatric Palliative Care: The Time is Now! Jan Feb 2002

NICU Palliative Care: Creation of a Neonatal End-of-Life Palliative Care Protocol 2002

Abe Catlin End of Life in NICU May June 2001

Spotlight on Excellence: Pediatric Nursing Salutes Exemplary Clinical Practice Jan Feb 2001

Making Policy Decisions for Insurance Coverage Nov Dec 2000

Physicians' Neonatal Resuscitation of Extremely Low-Birth_weight Preterm Infants 1999

Dilemma Facing Nurses Who Care for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Patients July August 1997

Commentary on Johnny's Story: Transfusing a Jehovah's Witness May June 1997

Jehovah's Witnesses Children who Need Blood to Survive 1996

Early Pregnancy Loss 1989


Edited Articles

Edited Barnum Benevolent Injustice May 2009

Edited Armigo Prenatal Education May 2008

Edited Baergen Hope Oct 2006

Edited Rosell Should this Kidney be Used Jan Feb 2006

Edited Ashley's Case 2006

Edited Green Child Torture 2006

Edited Vats Reynolds Pediatric Deaths in Hospital 2006

Edited Escumalha Misoprostol Terminations Portugal May June 2005

Edited Shapiro Kaila Paulette March April 2005

Edited Savage State Custody and DNR Nov Dec 2001