The Design and Repair Center

SSU's School of Science and Technology

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Biology, Computer, Science, Math, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Nursing, Engineering, Kinesiology

DRC Projects:

SST Design and Repair Center

At the School of Science and Technology's Design and Repair Center students, faculty, research tech's and staff have access to machining services as well as design and repair. Our facilities are located in Darwin Hall room 020.
We offer web site services including photos and layout. We can help you with accessibility and usability issues. If you have computer, hardware or software issues you will get the solution you need.

Help When and Where you need it:

Drop by for a quick visit for a small job or to plan long a term project. Professors, we can work directly with your students. Success is the best way to build confidence, we offer assistance with materials, technique and equipment. Researchers can stay on track, no more wheel spinning on those tecnical issues.

Recycle Through Re-use:

If you have unused or non-functional equipment that is taking up valuable labspace, it can find new life in the DRC. We can repair, reconfigure or reduce to component parts. When you looking for that odd part or divice you know where to go.

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For questions about of these projects or the DRC website Contact:

John Collins School of Science and Technology
Darwin Hall Room 020
Office Phone:  707-664-2618