Topics and Homeworks


W1 (Jan13)

Introduction Topic1. Waves AssessmentTest on Jan15

W2 (Jan20)


Topic Review HW1

SaplingLeaning problem1(Due Jan31)

Jan 20 Holiday
TRHW1 Due Jan24
Assessment Test HW Due Jan24

W3 (Jan27)


W4 (Feb3)

  Topic2. ElectroStatics

Topic Review HW2
TRHW2 Due Feb 7

W5 (Feb10)

  SaplingLeaning problem2 (Due Feb 12) Exam1 on Feb13

W6 (Feb17)

  SaplingLeaning Problem3 (Due Feb 26) Quiz 2 on Feb 27 (Thursday)

W7 (Feb24)

  Topic3. Current Electricity

Topic Review HW3
TRHW3 Due Mar14

W8 (Mar3)


W9 (Mar10)

  Topic4.Magnetism Exam2 on Mar14


  Spring Break  


  Topic Review HW4 (Due Apr18)
SaplingLeaning Problem5 (Due Apr3)

W12 (Mar31)

    Mar31 Holiday
Quiz on Apr4 (F)

W13 (Apr7)

  Topic5. Light and Geometric Optics  

W14 (Apr14)

  SaplingLearning Problem (Due Apr16)

Quiz on Apr17 (R)
Exam3 on Apr18

W15(Apr21)   Topic Review HW5 (Due Apr 25)  
W16(Apr28)   SaplingLearning Problem (Due May 1) Exam3 Retake Apr28
Quiz on May 1
Final Exam

May 5

11 - 12:50 pm