Pre-Lab Report


W1 (Jan20)

No Lab this week!    

W2 (Jan27)

Lab 1. Introduction and EXCEL    

W3 (Feb 3)

Lab 2. Waves 1 :Simple Harmonic Oscillations
Pre-Lab1 Labnote Due

W4 (Feb10)

Lab 3. Waves 2; Standing Waves



W5 (Feb17)

Lab 4. Waves: Sound Pre-Lab3  

W6 (Feb24)

Lab 4. Static Electricity:Electric Charge, Potential & Field


W7 (Mar 3)

Lab 5. Electric Resistance and Ohm's Law (Individual Report 1)Lab 6. DC Circuit   Report1 Due

W8 (Mar10)

Lab 7. Capacitors and RC Decay   Labnote Due

W9 (Mar17)

Spring Break    


Lab 8. Magnetism 1 (Individual Report 2)    


Cesar Chavez Day


W12 (Apr 7)

Lab9. Properties of light: Geometric Optics
  Report2 Due

W13 (Apr14)

Lab10. Lens and Thin Lens Equation    

W14 (Apr21)

Lab11. Wave Optics 1    
W15(Apr28) Lab12. Wave Optics 2    
W16(May 5) Lab13. Make Up Lab   Labnote Due