June 22, 2009

Just past the Azores

Yesterday we were treated to the sight of land. That thrill of "Land Ho!!" takes on a vibrant new meaning when you have been at sea for six days. I had a tiny taste of what it must have felt like for mariners of days long ago when they got a glimpse of terra firma after being at sea for months (not just our few days). The captain turned the ship off of the previously set course to take us right between the islands, and as the sun faded over the horizon we saw the twinkle of lights signaling the presence of other humans out here in what feels like the middle of nowhere. Here's an image from Google Earth (with the yellow push pin marking our location) to give you a sense of where the Azores are geographically located (they are officially part of Portugal).


Passing the Azores means we also left the last of the North American Plate and passed into the Eurasian Plate (check your dusty old geology textbooks in case your thinking this is a culinary reference). So I guess you could say we have officially arrived in "Europe." In addition to sighting land, in the last few days we have also seen lots of dolphins, turtles, and Pelagic sea birds (in addition to styrofoam junk, oil tankers, and plastic bottles). Tomorrow is our last day at sea before arriving in Spain! Ole!

Posted by rohwedde at June 22, 2009 6:21 AM