September 8, 2010

The Wind in Spain is Mainly on the Plain

Sorry for the lapse in entries but I'm glad to say it was only because we were out having a blast in Spain. Spent a few days on the Costa del Sol (went to Tarifa, the "wind surfing and kite surfing capital of the world") and then on to Ronda (where bullfighting began), and then a lovely pueblo blanca perched high on a cliff called Arcos de la Frontera. In my blog from last summer I hit some of the cultural highlights of Spain (wine, dance, music, food, etc), so for this entry I'm going to keep the focus on renewable energy.

windfarm.jpgpvfarm.jpgWhy? Well in large part because today I led a field trip to a wind farm and a photovoltaic farm just outside our port city of Cadiz. Spain is an international leader in renewable energy development with much of their technology now being exported to the US, China, and other countries around the world. They jumped out early with investments in R&D and implementation. Today their investment is paying financial dividends for the country (they export green power to Germany) and climatic dividends for the rest of us (less CO2 in our atmosphere). More than any other country in Europe, Spain has felt the impacts of climate change. There are few climate change skeptics here, in large part because they have already experienced record heat waves in the past few summers (with related human and livestock casualties), plus, they actually listen to scientists (and not Fox News) regarding the current realities and future implications climate change.

Posted by rohwedde at September 8, 2010 1:09 PM