September 27, 2010

Ghana's Remaining Forest

Covering about 23% of the total area of Ghana, it is no wonder forests play a crucial role in defining the cultural identity and traditional beliefs of Ghanaians. The forestry sector contributes about 6% to Ghana's GDP, employing 120,000 people directly. It also provides a home for endangered species such as Chimpanzees, bare-headed rockfowl and forest elephants. Unfortunately, Ghana is losing about 1.3% of their remaining forests every year. Here is a short video that gives you a glimpse (from ABOVE) at the amazing resource. ghanarainforest.m4v Meanwhile, efforts to preserve remaining forests everywhere (as well as the health of many women and children) recently got a big boost. Here's a write-up from the Christian Science Monitor on a new effort to promote more fuel efficient stoves. Yet another example of what I would call an Ecological Handprint.

Posted by rohwedde at September 27, 2010 8:26 AM