Asian American Pacific Islander History & Heritage Month Event, Ftg. Eastern Tradition Stress Free Zone Featuring, Wellness Cooking W/ Adrian Chang

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Adrian Chang is a cook, food writer and 3rd generation Chinese-American based in the redwoods of rural Northern California.  His latest project, in collaboration with Herb Folk of Petaluma, ‘Asian American Folk Traditions’ is a monthly virtual herbalism and cooking series honoring Asian ‘food-as-medicine’ traditions through the lens of the Asian-American experience ( His favored hashtag #OurFoodByUs is a statement of reclamation and an Asian-American rejection of the "colonization" of Asian food in White-dominated food culture.

In this AAPI Heritage Month cookalong class, Adrian will teach you how to make hand-cut wheat noodles from scratch, with simple ingredients and no fancy equipment.  He will also teach you to make a dressing for the noodles as well as a selection of plant-based sides to go with them. Please note that while the recipe is vegetarian, it can also be made vegan.  The noodles will contain gluten. For more info, contact

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May 7, 2021
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