Madan Sara

Open to the Public
Feb 25, 2022 , 7:00pm
Warren Auditorium in Ives Hall
Sonoma Film Institute
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The women known as Madan Sara in Haiti work tirelessly to buy, distribute, and sell food and other essential in markets through the county. Despite the obstacles faced by the women working in a sector that lacks investment, infrastructure and state assistance, the Madan Sara continue to be one of the most critical parts of the Haitian economy and of who we are as a country. The Madan Sara documentary tells the stories of these indefatigable women who work at the margins to make Haiti’s economy run. Despite facing intense hardship and social stigma, the hard work of the Madan Sara puts their children through school, houses their families, and helps to ensure a better life for generations to come. Directed by Etant Dupain. (in French and Haitian Creole w/English subtitles)

On Friday night ONLY, Suzanne Toczyski, SSU Faculty Member in Modern Languages and Literature will be present to introduce the film and lead a discussion after the screening. 

Released: 2021
Run time: 50 min.
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For your safety and that of other guests, proof of COVID vaccination and photo ID will be required for entry. Masks are also required indoors.

The film poster for 'Madan Sara' featuring people sitting on top of a large pile of colorful bags
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February 25, 2022
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