M*A*T*H Colloquium: Geologic Mapping: Representing a 3D world in 2D

Sep 6, 2023 , 3:45pm - 5:00pm
Darwin 103 or Virtual
Math & Statistics Department

Geologic Mapping: Representing a 3D world in 2D with Marissa Mnich, Sonoma State

The world we live in is three-dimensional, including all geologic features, from the highest mountains to the deepest ocean basins. Geologic features and structures, both on a large and small scale, are imperative for geologic understanding, which makes mapping a critical component. Mapping involves representing three-dimensional features in a two-dimensional manner, which subsequently means that map interpretation involves converting back to 3D. There are many different techniques to not only aid in the 2D representation of features but also to help in the visualization of how these relate back to the true 3D world. For example, topographic maps involve representing elevation in 2D, which can be visualized in a virtual sandbox, and then taken back to 2D. My work has focused on mapping lava flows in the Springerville Volcanic Field in Arizona. Lava flows are a unique type of mapping because the flow geometry reveals important information about the nature of the lava, as well as relative timing of eruptions. The detailed mapping forms the basis for the understanding of the evolution of the volcanic field through time.


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September 6, 2023
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