Save A Seawolf: Alcohol, Fentanyl, Marijuana, and Other Drugs Awareness Fair

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Alcohol, Fentanyl, Marijuana…the list of substances that are fairly easily available to our Seawolves and the surrounding community goes on.  We might  think these substances can help us to cope with our anxieties, to navigate challenging situations, and “connect” with others. We also have a lot of preconceived notions about how these drugs and substances interact with other aspects of our life, like academics social situation, driving, athletic/physical performance and more.

This fair will focus on campus and community entities that are can help support our Seawolves on and off campus who might be struggling through their own challenges, challenges with family members, or suitemates/roommates’s substance use, abuse, or misuse. At this event there will be giveaways for those who participate, reminders about upcoming sober events, and tons of resources and information. So come by and learn ways to keep yourself safe and how to safely look out for others. Save a Seawolf today! For more information, contact

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October 25, 2023
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