Sing & Sing 2

Jul 23, 2022 , 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Weill Lawn
Sonoma State Student Involvement
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Bring the whole family for a show stopping animated double feature of Sing (5 p.m.) and Sing 2 (7 p.m.)!

In Sing, theater owner Buster Moon stages a gala singing competition in order to save his theater, and the contest attracts the attention of such musically inclined animals as a harried pig mom, a teenage gorilla, a shy elephant, and a punk porcupine.

Theater owner Buster Moon returns in Sing 2 with his sights set on producing a brand-new musical with his troupe in the glamorous Redshore City. To gain the support of a ruthless music mogul, he pitches that he’ll feature Clay Calloway, a legendary but elusive rock singer as part of the show. Now, all the group needs to do is find the recluse and persuade him to perform with them.

The group of animated characters of 'Sing'
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July 23, 2022
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