Frequently Asked Questions by DSS Students
Question: With the new furniture procedures, do I need to submit a form for every class?

Answer: Yes! In order to get your furniture accommodations you must submit one furniture request form for every class that you are enrolled in. If you turn in only one form, your request will be returned thus delaying your furniture accommodations.

Question: DSS periodically checks my class schedule to look for any changes in accommodation needs, right?

Answer: No, DSS does not check students class schedules. If you make changes to your classes/class schedule you need to notify DSS by requesting new accommodations as well as submitting new furniture request forms if that is a part of your accommodations.

Question: If I am 20 minutes late to my testing appointment, can I just stay 20 minutes longer?

Answer: Unfortunately, DSS has limited space available for testing. If you are 20 minutes late you lose that time. Many times we have back to back appointments and we can not allow you to run longer than what you are scheduled for, as well as what your instructor allows for, because it causes delays for other people who are scheduled through out the day.

Question: How do I know if I am I registered with DSS?

Answer: DSS registration takes place through a student initiation process. Students meet one-on one with a disability management advisor in the DSS office to discuss services and accommodation needs. In addition, students need to provide medical verification and documentation that clearly identifies specific functional limitations associated with the disability. This documentation must meet SSU’s guidelines (see Getting Started for additional information). If you need to discuss your registration status, please contact the DSS office by phone at 707-664-2677 (TTY/TDD 707-664 2958) or stop by our office in Salazar Hall 1049.

Question: I need to see a disability management advisor, how do I schedule an appointment?

Answer: Appointments can be scheduled in person or via telephone. Using email to make appointments is not advisable as schedules fluctuate so frequently.

Question: Does my professor know the nature of my disability?

Answer: No, it is up to the student how much information they would like to give the professor about their disability. Some students find it helpful to discuss the nature of their disability with their instructors, while others prefer to keep those details confidential. The DSS accommodation letter only speaks to your accommodation needs, not the nature of your disability.

Question: Can I get tested or re-tested for a learning disability at SSU?

Answer: SSU does not provide psychoeducational testing. If you think you need to be tested, our office can provide you with a list of local testing providers (see Disability Testing Referrals). SSU does not provide funding for psychoeducational testing. In order to be eligible for support services for a learning disability, testing must meet SSU’s guidelines; please refer to our Register for Services for more information.

Question: If I got accommodations last semester do they just continue for the rest of my time at SSU?

Answer: No, you must meet with a disability management advisor at the start of EACH SEMESTER in order to set up accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to contact our office to make an appointment to meet with a disability management advisor and notify instructors that you have accommodation needs. Official paperwork from our office must be presented to professors within a reasonable timeframe in order to be accommodated.

Question: Are accommodations retroactive?

Answer: Accommodations are only active from the point that an instructor receives a DSS accommodation letter. The accommodation letter must be given to the instructor within a reasonable time frame for them to be able to provide the authorized accommodation.

Question: If I get extra time for my exams and quizzes do I also get extra time for assignments and homework?

Answer: No, extra time is not given for assignments, homework or other out of class requirements. Please contact a disability management advisor if you need additional assistance.

Question: I take my exams in the DSS office, how do my tests get to the DSS office?

Answer: It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with your instructor how the exam will arrive at the DSS office and how it should be returned prior to every exam. In addition, the student must ensure that a “blue test form” is completely filled out for each exam and returned to our office prior to the exam. “Blue test forms” are located online as well as provided to you when you receive your accommodation letters from your disability management advisor.

Question: If I work with a note taker, will they take notes if I miss class?

Answer: No, a note taker will provide notes for you only when you attend the class.

Still have more questions? Please email the DSS Office at or call (707) 664-2677.