Footnotes to Schedule of Classes

The following footnotes are used to indicate special information about courses listed in the Schedule of Classes. Be sure to check the footnote column before you register.

0001     Prerequisite

0002     Course open to majors only

0003     Consent of instructor required

0004     Additional Fee Required

0005     Must be taken in conjunction with another class

0006     Student must have approval of major department graduate coordinator

0007     Additional hour(s) to be arrange

0008     Cross-listed class — see department for alternate listing

0009     Acceptable for Social Science Single Subject Waiver Program. Acceptable for Social Science Single Subject Matter Preparation Program. WGS majors and minors only.

0010     Student-taught course with faculty sponsor

0011     General Education (GE)

0012     Open to Juniors and Seniors Only.

0013     EOP Academy

0014     Corresponding language lab course required

0015     Consent of Department Required

0016     Course meets Ethnic Studies requirement

0017     Available for university credit but not for credit toward baccalaureate

0018     Field trips to be arranged

0019     Meets first half of semester

0020     Contact department for special information 0

0021     By placement exam only

0022     Class meets off campus

0023     Course meets every other week

0024     Intensive Learning Experience course for ILE students only

0025     Meets second half of semester

0026     Consult department for specific meeting times/locations

0027     Open to Seniors Only.

0028     Class closed until announced open

0029     Service-Learning Course

0030     An Auto Enrolled Section

0031     Course is taught on-line, does not use classroom space, (Asynchronous)

0032     Open to Juniors, Seniors and Graduates Only.

0033     Open to Graduates Only.

0034     Open to Seniors and Graduates Only.

0035     Open to Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduates Only.

0036     Open to Graduating Seniors

0037     Self-Paced Course.

0038     Former introductory coursework in statistics is required. This class is intended as a “refresher” course.

0039     Non-majors need department approval.

0040     Open to Juniors Only.

0042     Course open to Sociology Majors and Minors Only

0043     Course open to Political Science Majors and Minors Only.

0044     Class Meets Every Other Week

0045     Course open to ENSP Majors and Minors

0046     Class open to SOCI and HD Majors and Minors Only.

0047     Class open to SOCI, WGS and HD Majors and Minors Only.

0048     Prerequisite: SOCI 300 required.

0049     Class meets alternate days.

0050     FIG Freshman Interest Group students only.

0051     Class open to CCJS Majors and Minors Only.

0052     Reserve Capacity

0053     WGS majors and minors only.

0054     Sociology Majors, Minors and Queer Studies Minors only.

0055     Open to Freshmen and Sophomores only.

0056     Open to HD majors only.

0057     For PSY & WGS majors only

0058     This course only meets one quarter of the semester

0059     Waitlist functionality will not be on for this section

0060     Partial semester course

0061     Course open to SOCI and ECS majors and minors only. Course open to SOCI and ECS majors and minors only.

0062    Course restricted to SOCI, HD & Early Childhood Studies majors and minors.

0063    Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors only.

0064     And Graduate Students

0065     Liberal Studies Ukiah Majors Only.

0066     Class open to sophomores only

0067     Class open to freshmen only

0068     Course restricted to Sophomores and Juniors only

0069     Course restricted to SOCI majors/minors and GERN minors only

0070     Course restricted to PSY majors and minors only

0071     Contract required – not open for self-registration

0072     Majors only until the 2nd week of registration

0073     Majors only until registration resumes at the end of July

0074     Course open to GEP/GEOG/ENSP majors and minors only

0075     This course has both in-person and online meeting components

0076     Majors & minors only till end of July

0077    Students are required to purchase materials from material list in Syllabus.

0078    Synchronous Online Class

0079    This is an online hybrid course with both synchronous and asynchronous components.

0080    Completion of GE Golden Four (A1, A2, A3, B4) with a C- or better, completion of B1, B2 and at least 45 units.

0081    Completion of GE Golden Four (A1, A2, A3, B4) with a C- or better, completion of LD C requirements and at least 45 units.

0082     Completion of GE Golden Four (A1, A2, A3, B4) with a C- or better, completion of LD D requirements and at least 45 units.

0083    Bisynchronous Online Class

0084    Face-to-Face Class

0085    A standard hybrid but where the class is split so that only half or a portion of the class meets in the classroom on a given day.