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Becoming a Gerontologist at Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University has several options for people interested in a profession in aging and for people who want to refresh their backgrounds in the field of adult development and aging.

  • The Certificate Program in Gerontology is a post-baccalaureate specialty in the field of aging. The program consists of 28 academic units and provides an excellent interdisciplinary background in aging, including the study of physical, mental, and social changes in older people as they age. Some students complete the Certificate as they work toward their bachelorís degrees; others, whose college degrees might be several years old, come back to college to obtain the Certificate.
  • Some students choose a gerontology minor to accompany one of the traditional discipline majors or professions (e.g., anthropology, biology, political science, psychology, sociology, nursing, social work, health-related professions).
  • A masters degree emphasis in Gerontology is available through ITDS (Interdisciplinary Studies Programs). This option allows the student to develop a graduate curriculum to fit her/his existing professional training by incorporating graduate courses from a selection of related disciplines. Contact the ITDS Program
  • For some, continuing education through Extended Education is their best option. Regular university classes are available for people interested in one or two particular classes on a space-available basis by enrolling through Extended Education.


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