Share Our Pride

We have a lot to be proud of at Sonoma State University including our students' academic standing, our 44,000 successful alumni who continue to make us proud, our distinguished faculty and staff, and our beautiful campus. Our selection as the sole college to represent California as a member of the nationwide Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) stands as further proof of our quality. SSU is a student-centered campus and our faculty and staff have three main goals: student satisfaction, retention, and graduation.

Notable Students and Alumni

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and alumni. Alumni excel in all fields, from medical and the sciences to teaching, writing, and painting. Many have been chosen as Distinguished Alumni. SSU has an outstanding student body, and the numbers of incoming freshmen designated as Presidential Scholars grows every year.

Distinguished Faculty and Staff

With their collective knowledge and experience, our 1,500 faculty and staff have helped shape the University into a leader in higher education by creating a dynamic and high-quality learning environment for our students. Visit the Experts Guide Log page for a one-page index of the faculty and staff.

What is a Seawolf?

SSU's athletic mascot, the Seawolf, is a mythical creature based on Jack London's book of the same name. The connection between SSU and The Sea Wolf is based on the importance of Sonoma County to Jack London. Our University Library owns an extensive Jack London Collection.

Seawolf Spirit!

Come to a game or follow your favorite sport. You can find out more about the student athletes that make us proud and when you read about our successful athletics programs, you too will be yelling "Go, Seawolves!" Get everything from you favorite Seawolf merchandise and gear to a great deal on an IPOD at SSU's Seawolf Shops.