Bay Area Housing Justice

Nov 4, 2019 , 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Stevenson 1002
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Feminist Lecture Series: “Data, Storytelling, and Art for Bay Area Housing Justice” Speaker: Savannah Kilner and  Mary Shi, The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Displacement operates through processes of both spatial exclusion and narrative erasure. By empowering and privileging the perspectives of those who most often have had their narratives ignored, invalidated, or erased, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project's (AEMP) data analysis, data visualization, and storytelling work fights for spatial justice by combating displacement at both levels. Two long-term AEMP members, Savannah Kilner and Mary Shi, will discuss AEMP's work, methods, and current projects with particular focus on AEMP's forthcoming atlas of the Bay Area, Counterpoints. All of AEMP’s work is made publicly accessible, free of charge, at The Feminist Lecture Series is part of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department’s Gender Studies Program Series and is made possible by funding from the SSU Instructionally Related Activities Program. For more information, contact

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November 4, 2019
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