Sonoma Film Institute: Ghost Tropic

Open to the Public
Nov 20, 2020 , 12:00pm - Nov 22, 2020 , 12:00pm
Student Involvement
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Free for SSU Students; $12 for 72-hour rental to the General Public

Khadija (Saadia Bentaïeb) is a fifty-eight-year-old Maghrebi cleaning woman living in Brussels in the wake of the 2016 bombings that shook the city. After work one night, she falls asleep on the last subway train, wakes up at the end of the line and has no choice but to make her way home—all the way across the city—on foot. Along the way, she has a series of encounters: with a security guard, a convenience store clerk, a group of teenagers. She asks for help and she gives it and slowly, steadily makes her way. Director Bas Devos’ lightness of touch combines with the richness of Grimm Vanderkerckhove’s 16mm images to create a small wonder of humanistic storytelling. Ghost Tropic is a testament to the everyday drama of immigrant life and insists on the possibility of goodness and beauty, even in the dark of night. "A compressed epic… This poetic Belgian feature manages to say a good deal about life, death, and the state of the globalized world." -Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader (in Dutch and Arabic with English subtitles)
Released: 2019
Run time: 85 min.

Movie poster for Ghost Tropic featuring the profile of a person dressed warmly at night with colorful lights in the background
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