Alcohol Alternative Event: Friday Night Live feat. Scaryoke!

Oct 29, 2021 , 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Weyden and Brewster (WB) in the Student Center
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Hello NOMA Nation!

The SSU Alcohol and Other Drug Committee is pleased to present National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week 2021. The theme is Save A Seawolf and there will be several informative and fun events to help our community learn more about alcohol and drug abuse in college communities. Please check out the events list below and attend some. This information you learn could help you Save A Seawolf.

Save A Seawolf Alcohol Awareness Week brings awareness and responsibility where alcohol consumption is concerned. Our observance always takes place the week prior to Halloween, as we know that is a high risk time when it comes to college aged students and alcohol use/abuse/misuse. 

Alternative Events
We also will be highlighting events and activities that can serve as alternatives to drinking. Things like working out, Movie nights, trivia nights,  poetry nights, laughing and much more!

If you are able to attend and/or incentivize your students to attend events we'd appreciate the support!  

Are you done with classes for the week? Looking for something to do? Wanna get out of the room and start your weekend right? Well … do we have the perfect thing for you and your friends. Our SSU Friday Nights are full of Movies on Lobovision, Trivia, Free Grocery BINGO, Open Mic and other Surprise events!  Join your fellow Seawolves for fun-tastic Friday night at the WB. 

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October 29, 2021
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