Statement of Support from SSU Police Chief

June 5, 2020
To: All Campus
From: Jeff Weaver, Interim Chief of Police for Sonoma State University
Re: Statement supporting Sonoma State community

Sonoma State University family,

Last week, like so many others, I watched in horror a recording of police officers engaged in abhorrent, inexcusable, and criminal conduct that resulted in the slow public murder of George Floyd.

I felt sadness for Mr. Floyd, his family, friends and community. I felt ashamed and depressed that Mr. Floyd's death was caused by fellow police officers. I felt frustrated that unnecessary violence continues to be used by police officers despite decades-long efforts to eradicate such practices. And I felt despair for the impact the officers' illegal conduct will have on relationships between communities and their law enforcement agencies.

Those feelings, and many others, were experienced by people across the nation and around the world, including those in law enforcement. Based on shared outrage, the chiefs of police of all 23 California State University campuses have taken the unprecedented step of issuing a joint statement. A PDF version of the joint statement is also available. 

While the logistics of drafting the statement and obtaining each chiefs' signature took time, please know the revulsion generated by the officers' conduct has not waned.

We at the Sonoma State University Police Department have been provided a public trust; a trust we take seriously. We understand we are held to a high standard, and we welcome feedback and input to help us meet the campus community's expectations. We stand ready to listen, to engage in dialog, and to be transparent and accessible.

With sincerity and humility,

Jeff Weaver
Interim Chief of Police
Sonoma State University