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October 25, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Ed Mills

Welcome to Strategic Enrollment Management at Sonoma State University. SEM often means different things to different people depending on their institution, specific goals, and the enrollment environment they are working in. Just as our emerging recruitment and retention efforts must be personalized for our students' situations, an institution's SEM strategies must be specific to their enrollment environment and institutional goals. Simply put, SEM is a set of strategies aimed at meeting institutional enrollment goals.  

SEM at SSU for 2024 and beyond is considerably different than it was pre-pandemic. The institution is changing, student expectations post-pandemic are changing, recruitment and retention tools are changing, and our student market competition is changing. To meet this changing enrollment environment, we are building a new set of strategies to meet the institution's future goals. The goals, and our current progress toward them, will be summarized in a short brief linked to the right of this message (SSU SEM at a Glance). You can also see the initial SEM plan developed in 2023-27, which set the foundation for SSU's new SEM strategies. Finally, our updated SEM Action Plan, SEM Marketing and Communications Plan, and Outreach Plan will be available on this site in spring 2024.

While most of the additional sites linked at the bottom of this page are focused on new student recruitment, the university will be creating more specific retention plans in spring 2024. In addition, our academic units have been working hard on academic master planning. You can access information on those efforts on our academic master planning site.

I welcome you to review our strategies and goals. If you have questions or ideas or just want to talk about enrollment, feel free to reach out to me at   


Ed Mills

Ed Mills
Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management