California Beyond the Blueprint Reopening Impacts at SSU

Monday, June 14, 2021, 3:15pm

TO: All employees
FR: Karen Moranski, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Stan Nosek, Interim Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration and Finance
Tomorrow is a historic day in our state and on our campus as we mark the onset of California’s Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy initiative. As of June 15, most industries across the state will return to usual operations with continued use of common-sense risk reduction measures such as the wearing of face masks, COVID-19 vaccinations, and other minimal requirements. 
Sonoma State University has begun the phased return of employees to campus and will continue to welcome employees back throughout the summer. We sincerely thank our continuity planning groups, as well as Human Resources and Risk Management and Safety Services, for their efforts in this process. 

Locally, the opening up of the state will change many of the practices that we have grown to call “normal” since the pandemic began. Below is a brief update of how the opening up of the state will affect our campus operations and our employees. 
Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy for California
Beginning June 15, all sectors listed in the current Blueprint Activities and Business Tiers Chart may return to usual operations based on the following general public health recommendations:

  • Capacity limitations will be eliminated in all settings
  • Physical distancing requirements will be eliminated for attendees, customers, and guests (but not for employees) 
  • Face masks will be required in alignment with CDPH guidelines for the use of face coverings
  • Holding large events will require proof of vaccination or COVID-19 testing

These changes are exciting for our communities as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. Throughout California and nationally, we will continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and there are further implications for our on-campus Seawolf community. 
Workplace safety
Conversations continue to take place at the state and local levels related to workplace safety and the responsibilities of employers regarding COVID-19 safety measures. Cal-OSHA is expected to adopt new workplace safety protocols this week. June 28 is the earliest date we can expect the approval of new workplace safety protocols from Cal-OSHA, however, this date is subject to change pending Cal-OSHA and CDPH notification. 
What does this mean at SSU?
While the Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy will result in changes to COVID-19 protocols off campus, many of our on-campus practices will remain the same until the new Cal-OSHA workplace safety protocols are in effect. 
Here are the expectations of employees while working on campus:

  • Physical distance of six or more feet between individuals will continue to be required.
  • Face masks will continue to be required inside all non-residential campus buildings, except when in an office that is not shared with others and with the door closed.  Effective immediately, face masks are no longer required outdoors when six feet of physical distancing can be maintained between individuals. 
  • All other safety measures (capacity restrictions, one-way corridors, wellness screenings, etc.) will remain in place. 

COVID-19 vaccination status and privacy reminder
We would like to take this opportunity to remind the campus that all medical records related to an individual, including COVID-19 vaccination status and test results and whether a person has previously been infected with COVID-19, are confidential Level 1 data according to the CSU Data Classification Standard. As an individual, you have the right to waive your right to privacy and share your vaccination status with others if you choose to do so. Information about COVID-19 vaccination status, test results, or infection history for individuals should not be discussed or collected in a classroom or office context. Questions about this information or Level 1 data should be directed to the Information Security Office at  Employees and supervisors should continue to report COVID-19 symptoms or exposures to
What can we expect? 
In the coming week, Cal-OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board will convene with the intention of passing new COVID-19 safety regulations that more closely align with California’s Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy guidelines. Sonoma State will revise all current safety protocols to align with new Cal-OSHA guidance and communicate accordingly with all employees. The earliest date any changes would be implemented is June 28.
If you have any questions about this message or about COVID-19 safety measures, please contact Risk Management and Safety Services at