On-Campus Course and Field Trip Update for Spring 2021 Instruction

Friday, January 22, 2021, 4:00am

TO: All Employees 
FR: Karen Moranski, Interim Provost for Academic Affairs and Vice President of Academic Affairs
As we prepare for instruction to begin next week, I want to extend my deep gratitude for everything you continue to do to ensure our students receive a thoughtful, critical, engaged education in the most unusual circumstances. We continue to navigate a dynamic situation with COVID-19 as we enter spring 2021. 
With the extension of the Stay Home Order mentioned in an earlier announcement this month, the Continuity Team, in conjunction with University Leadership, has reviewed our in-person course plans for Spring 2021. I am pleased to announce that courses scheduled to be in-person this spring may move forward in that mode on February 1, 2021, as previously planned. 
Faculty teaching in-person/hybrid Fine and Performing Arts courses in the School of Arts and Humanities are continuing to work on health and safety protocols with staff from University Continuity and the Dean's Office in the School of Arts and Humanities. Faculty teaching these courses are being contacted by University Continuity to discuss risk mitigation strategies. 
During the entirety of the Stay Home Order, experiential field trips are not authorized. Requests for exemption from this mandate require Dean and Provost approval. Additionally, overnight field trips are not permitted through Spring 2020 due to the CSU systemwide travel restrictions. 
While we are confident that the rigorous safety protocols on campus make the resumption of approved in-person instruction possible, our region is currently experiencing very high COVID-19 transmission. I ask all faculty to continue to be flexible in working with students who may be uncomfortable returning to campus at this time. Faculty may choose to keep on-campus classes virtual during the Stay Home Order. Please consult with your Dean and notify University Continuity if on-campus instruction is transitioned to remote instruction so health and safety protocols can be adjusted.
Questions about on-campus course instruction or instructional safety protocols should be directed to Continuity@sonoma.edu.