Changes to On-Campus Operations and Return to Campus Update

Friday, July 23, 2021, 12:00pm

TO: All Employees

FR: Jeff Banks, AVP for Administration and Finance, Human Resources and Missy Brunetta, Director for Emergency Services and Associate Risk Manager

Faculty and Staff, 

We write to share an update on Return to Campus activities for faculty and staff and outline current COVID-19 prevention safety measures on campus. Below outlines the changes to campus safety practices and includes some important information as we continue toward the fall semester. 

Physical Distancing
Due to changes in CDC guidance and Cal-OSHA regulations, six-foot physical distancing is no longer required on campus. This includes any setting on campus and applies to employees, students, and visitors. Facilities Management will be removing signage and other tools used to reinforce distancing. However, SSU encourages the campus community to be thoughtful and conscious of other Seawolves' personal boundaries regarding space.  

Plexiglass and Physical Barriers
Physical barriers (i.e., plexiglass) are no longer required at public points of service. Existing barriers will be removed. No further physical barriers will be installed. Additional barriers may not be purchased by department or campus funds, nor are employees authorized to supply their own barriers. Employees who want an extra layer of protection may consider purchasing a face shield to be worn with their face mask.

Face Masks
Face masks are required inside all non-residential campus buildings, except when in an office that is not shared with others and the door is closed. Face masks are no longer required outdoors if six feet of physical distance can be maintained between individuals. Should you forget your mask or need an acceptable mask, you can pick one up during business hours at the Seawolf Service Center or the Student Center. 

Wellness Screenings
As a reminder, wellness screenings are required each day an employee plans to come to campus. A new wellness screening tool will be launched to the campus soon. This new tool will allow students and employees to show a visual green badge through a mobile device or printed document to verify a wellness screening has been completed and passed. The Student Health Center, in partnership with the COVID Monitoring Team, will be launching the new tool in August. 

In-person and On-campus Meetings
As employees repopulate, in-person, on-campus meetings continue to increase. Meetings with three or more persons require submission of an Attendance Log to Risk Management and Safety Services for contact tracing purposes. In-person meetings that exceed 25 persons require a Gathering Plan submitted to Risk Management and Safety Services. More information on what to do if you’re having a meeting on campus can be found on the COVID-19 website.

Sanitation Supplies
As a reminder to the campus, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipe stations are strategically located in buildings and offices in buildings. If your area does not have these stations in your area or if your stations need replenishment, please contact Facilities Management.

IT Appointments 
IT is currently scheduling repopulation appointments. Faculty are strongly encouraged to schedule appointments ahead of time as appointments are first-come, first-serve based on availability of IT staffing. Please contact the Help Desk or your GeoTeam Representative to schedule an appointment. If you do not know who your GeoTeam Representative is, please contact the Help Desk.  

Open Forums
We will be hosting a series of open forums in preparation for the fall semester. The forums will be a chance for the campus community to learn more about the current safety practices and answer any questions you may have about campus safety for the fall semester. Dates and times will be announced in the coming weeks to the campus community. 

We will update the campus weekly until the fall semester begins to ensure all safety practices and policies are communicated efficiently. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our teams at or with any questions.