Employee Expectations Regarding COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Return to Campus Update

Thursday, August 5, 2021, 3:45pm

TO: All Employees
FR: Jeff Banks, Senior Associate Vice President for University Personnel and Missy Brunetta, Director for Emergency Services, Associate Risk Manager, and COVID Monitoring Lead

In light of the recent order from Sonoma County Public Health requiring that all individuals wear face coverings when indoors in workplaces and public settings, we want to clarify current campus COVID-19 safety measures and outline expectations for all SSU community members. The highly transmissible Delta variant is now dominant nationwide, and we each must do our part to ensure a safe and healthy return to campus this fall. Failure to comply with any of the guidelines outlined below may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of access to campus facilities. 

Face Masks
SSU’s policy on masks is aligned with that of Sonoma County. Masks are required inside ALL campus buildings except for residential buildings. Employees who are alone in a private office may remove their masks while the door is closed. Face masks are not required outdoors as long as a six-foot physical distance between persons can be maintained. Should you forget your mask or need a mask, you may pick one up during business hours at the Seawolf Services Center in Salazar Hall or the Student Center Information and Tickets desk. 

Masks may be taken off for brief periods while eating, drinking, or taking oral medications. However, it is recommended that the mask be worn between bites and sips when eating or drinking indoors. 

Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms or Exposures
SSU requires that all employees, including those working remotely, who have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 or experience COVID-19 symptoms report the exposure to the COVID Monitoring Team within 12 hours. Vaccination status does not relinquish the responsibility of employees from reporting any potential or confirmed exposures or symptoms. 

Employees who do not report to work due to COVID-19 like symptoms are required to report those symptoms either through the completion of a daily wellness screening or by a direct report to the COVID Monitoring Team as soon as possible from the onset of symptoms. 

Supervisor and Manager Expectations
Managers with employees who report potential COVID-19 exposures or symptoms are required to report this information to the COVID Monitoring Team as a condition of Cal-OSHA workplace safety regulations and conditions of employment. This report and information collection must be done confidentially and in compliance with employee HIPAA rights.  Managers are expected to report exposures regardless of whether the employees are working on campus or remotely.

When an employee calls in sick or leaves work due to illness, please ask them to submit a wellness screening or ask them if the symptoms they are experiencing are on the COVID symptom list on the wellness screening. Report all illnesses that may be attributed to COVID-19.

Confidential Compliance Reporting    
Employees who would like to report COVID-19 compliance safety concerns, including those who wish to remain confidential, can do so by contacting the COVID Monitoring Team at (707) 664-COVI (2684) or covid.monitoring@sonoma.edu.  

Questions regarding this message can be directed to covid.monitoring@sonoma.edu.

Together, we are responsible for keeping our campus healthy. Thank you for your patience, resilience, and commitment to health and safety over the last year and a half, and for continuing to prioritize the safety of students, faculty, and staff as we prepare our return to campus. We look forward to reconnecting with you and fellow members of our vibrant Seawolf community in the weeks ahead and working with you to ensure a safe and successful start to the 2021-2022 academic year.