Maximum-Allowed Vacation Balances (Employees with a Projected Vacation Balance Greater than the Maximum Allowed)

Friday, December 3, 2021, 8:30am

TO: Vacation-Eligible Faculty and Staff
FR: Payroll & Benefits

The purpose of this notification is to encourage employees and their appropriate administrators to review vacation balances to prevent overages and potential forfeiture. The California State University (CSU) and Collective Bargaining Agreements have established maximum vacation credit provisions. Accumulations in excess of the established limits, as of January 1 of each year, shall be forfeited by the employee if leave credits are not used by December 31, 2021.  A chart detailing the maximum limits is outlined below.

Bargaining Unit

Maximum (less than 10 years)

Maximum (10 years or more)

R01, R06, R08, E99



R02, R03*, R04, R05, R07, R09



C99, M80






At this time, we wish to encourage all employees to view their vacation balance and to make plans to be sure they will not exceed the maximum limits.  Please add projected accruals to the current balance. Employees who may exceed the maximum limit should take action now and coordinate arrangements with their appropriate administrators to schedule their vacation time before December 31st to avoid having to forfeit their leave credits. 
Employees and their appropriate administrators may view vacation balances on-line, using MyHR Self Service Options.  Instructions and the login link are available at our website.

Questions concerning vacation balances should be directed to Payroll & Benefits at or x4-2793.

* After one (1) full year of employment, a faculty unit (R03)  employee who accrues vacation (12-month appointments) shall take at least forty (40) hours of vacation each calendar year. Any part of the forty (40) hours not taken during the calendar year shall be forfeited as of January 1st of the subsequent year (Article 34.7).