Changes to On-Campus COVID Exposure Information Reporting

Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 11:15am

TO: All employees
FR: Kendall Newman, Operations Manager on behalf of COVID Monitoring Team 

In early June, CDPH released updated COVID-19 guidance that updated the definition of close contact. SSU has developed a plan to align with this new definition that has modified the way on-campus cases are shared with the campus community. Please review the COVID-19 Cases information for information on these updates and to see the new display dashboard. 
Here’s a summary of the changes being made to the notification process beginning today, July 27:

  • SSU will align the campus definition of close contact to CDPH’s new definition.
  • SSU will continue to notify individuals with direct sustained interaction as a courtesy notice when those names are provided to the COVID Monitoring Team. (For the purposes of exposure investigations, direct sustained interactions are considered those interactions where individuals who are within six feet of an individual for fifteen or more consecutive minutes during their high-risk period.)
  • SSU will begin reporting the office location on the COVID-19 Cases, when applicable.
  • Shared suites and areas will be reported as their commonly known names (e.g. Academic Affairs and Administration and Finance Suite - Salazar Hall, IT Suite - Schulz Information Center). 
  • When the location where a COVID positive individual was present is too restrictive and would lead to a lapse in privacy, all known occupants of the suite will be directly contacted by COVID Monitoring. On the website, the building will be listed and “Occupants Directly Notified” will be indicated as the suite number on the website.
  • Employees should review the COVID-19 Case Information website when notified to determine if they were present in a space where a COVID-19 positive individual was present.

If you would like more detailed information on these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our office at