Congratulations Graduates!

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 2:15pm

Dear Graduating Students,
Of all the seasons on our beautiful campus, Spring remains my favorite. Witnessing the trees blossom and the plants renew their growth is refreshing and hopeful. Energy collected during the colder, rainier months can now be spent more freely, and our life cycle as a campus moves forward with the commencement of a new graduating class.
This year is particularly poignant, as you have persisted through the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and perilously close fire disasters to complete your course of study. Our return to in-person commencement feels like an immense triumph after the past two years, making this season of celebration even more special.
Of course, each commencement ceremony is special to me. Being able to personally congratulate each and every individual receiving a degree – and often families and friends – makes me indescribably proud of our Seawolf community and everyone who has contributed to the success embodied in that moment. I remember my own commencement ceremonies, and the sense of pride and excitement I felt, remembering how I was told in high school that I was not “college material.” Every degree I earned made me feel even more grateful to those who had encouraged and mentored me, and reinforced my passion to help others achieve their educational dreams.
The spotlight this weekend is on you and rightly so. You deserve an uninterrupted celebration of your achievements, and a total focus on the potential of your bright futures. All of which is why I have made the decision not to attend commencement in person this year. I really struggled with this decision. Sharing in the pure joy of this day is one of my greatest honors as president of Sonoma State. But I do not want my presence to distract in any way from this joyous event. I want the focus solely on the moment of success that you have earned, and for the day to remain wholly yours.
So, to our graduates I say Thank You and Congratulations – I will be watching the ceremonies and cheering you on. And I extend my appreciation to Sonoma State Provost Karen Moranski and others on our academic leadership team in conferring degrees and extending heartiest congratulations to our graduating Seawolves. 

This is your moment. I am proud of you and grateful that you chose Sonoma State. I look forward to seeing you again - as a proud Alumni of this special place.

Congrats and Best Wishes,

Judy K. Sakaki, President